Medica (honey brandy)
is a brandy made by distillation of fermented grape marc boiled in a copper brandy still. Light yellow in colour and with a distinctive taste of honey. It’s served chilled.
25 % vol / 0,70L

Smokvica (fig brandy)
is made by maceration of dry figs in the brandy made from marc. It’s golden yellow with a distinctive flavour of fig. Slightly sweetened, it belongs to the category of liqueurs. It’s served as an aperitif, well chilled.
25 % vol / 0,70L

Bodulka Barrique
is traditionally made by distillation of žlahtina grape marc boiled in copper brandy still. It’s drunk well chilled as an aperitif.
40 % vol / 0,70L

Grappa barrique
is high quality grappa kept in small oak barrels for two years, with a unique aroma and a particular taste.
40 % vol / 0,70L

Travarica (herbs brandy)
is created by a special combination of aromatic herbs and a selected wine distillate. The use of Meditarranean herbs plays a dominant role in shaping its particular flavour.
40 % vol / 0,70L

Extra virgin olive oil

The fertile land has yielded century-old olive trees from which we produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Ours olive groves are located in Vodnjan, on the location Marana.
The purchase contract from 1624, written on lamb skin, was signed between Bernardo Toffetti (ancestor of Egle Cetina married Katunar) and a captain of the Republic of Venice.