About Us

In Vrbnik, situated right above the sea, viticulture and wine production have been the main activity for centuries.
Wine house Ivan Katunar continues the family tradition of wine production.
Father and son, both named Ivan have brought together experience and tradition, knowledge and new technologies in wine production.
The first bottles date from 1989, which was the beginning of the commercializing of the family tradition. Ivan Katunar with his family continues this wine story to make people aware of the importance of wine in everyday life, to preserve the land and knowledge for future generations.
All vineyards are located in the Vrbnik fields and are extremely favourable for growing grapevines and guarantee high quality grapes.


The oldest part of the house was built in 1963 and expanded with two more floors in 1987.

In 2007 a new cellar was built under the family house, equipped with stainless steel barrels with the controlled cooling system which enables a complete control of the wine production process.

In 2017 the Wine house gets a new visual identity, with a new tasting room, wine shop and production area.
Each generation contributes to the development of this “wine story” with new ideas and hard work.

The Wine house Ivan Katunar is a place where the entire wine production process takes place – from the vineyard to the table!

The Katunar family lives, works and creates at number 3 Braće Trinajstić Street in Vrbnik.

Ivan Katunar

Dear friends, it is our great pleasure to welcome you in our wine house, where you can taste the wines and visit our cellar...