Brandy and liqueurs


is a liqueur brandy produced by the distillation of fermented which is executed in copper stills . Bright yellow color with distinctive taste of honey. It is a good aperitif. Should be served chilled. Alk. 25%


is a liqueur produced by maceration of dried figs in brandy. Golden yellow color, with a pronounced taste for figs. Slightly sweet. Excellent as an aperitif. It should be served cold. Alk. 25%


means smooth grappa in Croatian. It ‘produced by the distillation of žlahtina grapes that runs in copper stills. It ‘a product treated in the traditional way. It should be served cold. Alk. 46%

Grappa barrique

is the smooth grappa made ​​two years aging in barrels barriqe, thus obtaining  a taste and a particular fragrance. Alk. 38%


is a sweet liqueur obtained by maceration of cherry  in smooth grappa. Alk. 25%


is  walnut liqueur produced by maceration of green walnuts in grappa.