About Us


In Vrbnik, situated right above the sea, viticulture and wine production have been the main activity for centuries.                                                                                                       Family Katunar produces its own variety grape such as žlahtina, chardonnay, sansigot, merlot ad muscat, as well as the wine. In that way we control the production from the vineyard to the table.


The Wine House Ivan Katunar continues the family tradition of wine production. Through generations we have changed methods of production as well as labels.

However, each family member has contributed in his own way and has dedicated his love, patience and knowledge to the same goal… Father and on, both named Ivan have brought togeher experence and tradition, knowledge and new technlogies in wine production.



Below the house is built a new cellar. The underground dug cellar is equipped with stainless steel barrels with the controlled cooling system which enables a complete control of the vinification process.